Statement to Call Upon Halt and Decommission of Nuclear for Children's Future

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Aiming for a Nuclear Free Future

Fukushima I nuclear power plant encountered a catastrophic accident due to 2011 March 11th East Japan Great Earthquake. Many of us thought that the operation and the construction of nuclear power plants would be cancelled due to the Fukushima nuke-earthquake disaster. However, now one year after the accident, there is a movement in the government side to revive the nuclear power in Japan. There are 2 major attempts: Resumption of Nuclear and Clean-ups rather than Evacuation.

Do Not Allow Early Resumption of Nuclear Power Plant Construction

Japanese electric power companies have not given up the construction of Shimane reactor 3 and Oma nuclear power station, and in stead, they announced that the plans will be proceeded after confirming the safety.

As for the Kaminoseki Nuclear Power Plant, Chugoku Electric Company announced on March 15 2011 that the ground work construction would be suspended, not cancelled. They intend to resume the plan after "the observation of the development of the issues."

As for Tsuruga 3 and 4 reactors' construction plans, President Hamada from Japan Nuclear Power Co., Ltd said, "We will not cancel the plan," when he visited Fukui Prefecture on January 5, 2011.

On February 2, the mayor of Higashidori village in Aomori asked for early resumption of 2 nuclear reactor construction by Tokyo Electric Company. The construction plan of Higashidori Nuclear power plant had been once cancelled but the Tokyo Electric Company president Nishizawa responded, "We will show the future plan based upon the Comprehensive Business Plan to be prepared in coming March."

According to the survey of Fukushima prefecture, more than 60,000 people are forced to evacuate outside of the prefecture losing their hometown. In the midst of fear of children's lives in the future, not a single nuclear power plant construction plan has been cancelled. Therefore, we declare that we will fight against electric companies and the government until they halt all the plans for promoting nuclear power.

Let's Stop the Resumption of the Operation

There are 54 nuclear reactors in Japan, but most of them are not operating currently due to the accidents and periodical checks. There are only 3 reactors in operation and in the end of upcoming April, when Tomari 3 is stopped for periodical check, all the nuclear sourced electricity will be stopped. Facing this situation, the government is trying to resume the nuclear power plants by forcibly confirming the safety only through the so-called stress test, a groundless computer calculation.
The electric company submitted the 1st stress test reports for 15 reactors. For the results of Ooi 3 and 4 public hearing, there were many in the audience who criticized the results, and then the government ousted these audience from the room to announce that there is no problem on the test result.
This kind of government move cannot be forgiven. Nuclear power plant site area is not limited to surrounding towns and villages. We will establish a movement to firmly reject the resumption of nuclear reactor operation in solidarity with people all over the nation and the world.

Call for the Evacuation Rights and Say No to Radiation Clean-Up Myth

The government is declaring that they will conduct "thorough clean-up of radiation" in the contaminated areas. However, there are cases in which such clean-up is effective and also cases where people should be evacuated rather than clean-ups. We need to make an objective judgment whether to conduct clean-ups or evacuation. There are a vast amount of areas where people should not live or work in spite of clean-up efforts.
Currently, there is an atmosphere among people that the clean-up can make the areas safe, a so-called, "Clean-up Myth." On top of that, the vast amount of clean-up money is creating a new style of nuclear industry profits. Also, it is ethically unforgivable that the municipal offices are trying to keep their residences to stay inside their own municipalities despite the radiation danger to avoid collapsing the municipal finance/governance.

Watch the Contaminated Foods

The vast amount of emitted radioactive substances have beginning to find some ways into the meals of general public. Radioactive materials flown into the ocean are being concentrated through food chains, giving a tremendous devastation to the fishery.

However, we should not allow the distribution of contaminated foods to protect the primary industry. In particular, we should never let children and future generation exposed to radiation who have no responsibility for the nuclear accident.

We need to swiftly establish a system where uncontaminated foods can be provided to children. To achieve this, contaminated debris should not be distributed to and treated in uncontaminated areas. The radiation level in foods should not be intently loosen. What we need to do is to conduct a thorough food measurement and establish a system where consumers can choose according to the contamination.

The washed out radioactive materials can be reached at ocean through rain and snow. There may be hot spots along the river and coasts on the way. The government should watch such situations and give concrete warnings.

Stop and Decommission All the Nuclear Reactors

It is quite obvious that nuclear power plant destroys the future. In Europe, there is a rapid movement to reject nuclear power after Fukushima nuke-earthquake disaster.

However, Japan is still trying to operate nuclear power plants saying that there will be an electricity shortage.

Nobody can deny a potential devastation once another nuclear accident takes place, even a small sized accident.

On top of that, the crust movements are being observed in various spots in Japan, including upcoming Tokai Earthquake and volcanic eruption is being warned as well.

We are surrounded by various kinds of crisis which are much more grave than electric crisis. On top of that, the government itself admitted that there has been no electric crisis.

We should not allow another nuclear disaster take place again. We hereby declare that we will make solidarity with people who have wisdom and courage to act all over the world and continue fighting to achieve a world without nuclear.

February 19, 2012
At general assembly of Tanpoposya
Statement to Call Upon Halt and Decommission of Nuclear for Children's Future

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